Movie Review : Phillauri " This is the Film for you if you are Anushka Sharma's Fan"

Why Things are always not be good in Love ? and that a big question for the lovers and based on the same question Anushka Sharma's latest release "Phillauri" has released today. Phillauri is a story of Ghost character played by NH10 actress Anushka sharma.

Actor weds a tree, after a crystal gazer claims he was conceived under a reviled star. He pays the cost in the most questionable way. It's a flight for Bollywood movies to have an apparition who isn't wandering around in white saris, with long streaming hair and sharp expression. Anushka is ethereal-looking however never stunning. Regardless of being a phantom, she appears to understand mortals and that makes her turn as an unnecessary being engaging. 

(Image - Taken from Phillauri Poster)

The main portion of Phillauri rotates around the verbal competing between the phantom and the youthful fellow. It's adorable at initially, however you should be persistent with this match. Both are befuddled souls and they set aside opportunity to make their mark. 

There's the Delhi-kid Sharma who's experiencing a quarter life emergency and is being co-erced into a marriage to his secondary school sweetheart. At that point, there's Anushka who's asking why her relationship with a crafty artist didn't emerge. The contemporary sentiment is compared with the vintage one. The swaying of periods where the two romantic tales are being played out is fascinating, yet it loses its steam soon. 

Executive Lal wants to portray his story at a drowsy pace and that can disappoint for the watchers. Artist and performing artist Diljit Dosanjh is superbly given a role as a harried writer, however there's little start amongst Anushka and him. 

Suraj Sharma in his first standard Bollywood presentation is accessible if the need arises to look lastingly confounded and lost. He does that with aplomb, yet how can it be that an apparently instructed millennial can't simply take a seat and address his people and sweetheart (played by Mehrene Kaur) and deal with it. 

The PC design in this motion picture is outstanding, notwithstanding the peak which feels overcompensated. It's the consistency of the story that lets this film done. You recognize what's coming much sooner than it plays out and that makes it dull and soul-devastating. 

Watch this on the off chance that you are a devotee of Anushka Sharma.