The Kapil Sharma Show ‘s Future is in trouble

Since last two weeks Kapil Sharma’s problem doesn’t seems to be ended, after the TKSS team came from their melbourn show to India somethings happened that does’nt appriciated by Kapil Sharma’s fans. Sunil Grover & Kapil Sharma’s differences are not seems to be close as the war reach to the top.  Trust me in last two week the popularity of Kapil Sharma has come to downgrade and the proof of this was last two episodes that got aired last weekend. If you see the overall response that The Kapil Sharma show got on Youtube was not at all expected by any of Kapils’ fan.

It was naver happened in the TKSS history that any show not got trend on youtube and dislikes are greater than the likes and if team not get unite again then the show will not to survibe.