​Jia Aur Jia Team Kalki Koechlin And Richa Chadha Turns Rapper


Team Jia Aur Jia – Kalki Koechlin and Richa Chadha have turned rappers to suggest alternatives to firecrackers through a new track on Diwali with Sofia Ashraf.

The makers of Jia Aur Jia are out with a special rap song to help our furry friends aka Animals. The official Twitter page of the movie released the song with the caption, “Enjoy Diwali with #JiaAurJia team. Have a safe and noise-free Diwali. #Diwali #HappyDiwali”

Sofia Ashraf, who is known for her series “Sista from the South” along with Kalki and Richa are out with a video Culture Machine’s YouTube channel Blush, titled Burstin’ on Diwali.

Diwali is a wonderful time for Indians; the sights, sounds, smells, flavors. But, any animal lover knows that this is a dreadful time for animals. Overly loud fireworks can be terrifying for these creatures. The song highlights the alternative suggestions of things you could burst this Diwali other than extra-loud crackers.

The quirky rap song delivers a strong message of animal welfare. It introduces the concept of bursting numerous things like a balloon, bubble, stereotype or a long-hauled myth.

Jia Aur Jia, is a story of two strangers, played by Richa Chadha and Kalki Koechlin, who go on a life-changing road trip who both by destiny has only one thing in common – their names.

Jia Aur Jia is directed by Howard Rosemeyer and distributed by Bluefox Motion Pictures, the film is scheduled to release on 27 October 2017.