SRK, Salman And Anil Kapoor, Are Not Angry With Me – Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma refutes the rumors about Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Anil Kapoor being angry with him as he canceled the shows which were supposed to feature them.

“I was not fit to host or conduct the show, I was literally gone into depression, and I am honestly saying it. I took to bottle when I saw the whole thing unfold in news. People were writing negative things about me and I started to get anxiety attacks”

“People wrote stories like; I’ve sent Shahrukh Khan away from my sets. The thing is I reached the set at 2 and SRK was supposed to come at 7, he was shooting nearby and somewhere 8 I suddenly felt that I cannot shot, I won’t be able to go on set, I cancelled the shot and then I canceled the second shot, third and fourth, some people understood my problem, but some spread the rumors”

“When Anil Kapoor sir came to sets, he saw that I cannot host the show and he was okay with it, he assured me that he will come next time. Shahrukh Khan came to meet me, he advised me, take rest and set your mind and I took his advice and took a break. I even talked Anil Kapoor as I was feeling guilty about canceling the shoot” said Kapil Sharma explaining his side of the story.

When asked about Salman Khan, Actor Kapil Sharma had one of his quirky replies, “He is Salman Khan, why would he be angry with me?”

Kapil Sharma also admitted that he was hurt and didn’t know how to handle the negative press and took to bottle heavily.

“I went for treatment but on return, I locked myself into a room and started drinking again because I couldn’t handle things and eventually I ended up hurting myself so much but before the shooting for Firangi started, I quit drinking and lost some 10-12 kilo for the role. It will take me another 3-4 months before I am completely okay” added Kapil Sharma.

Firangi is slated to release on 24th November 2017.